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I would try and maybe delete and recreate the ICA Listener ports in =
Connection Configuration.

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We are using Citrix Metafram XP V1.0, citrix sp 2, windows 2K sp 3.  =
hardware is Dell PowerEdge 2550 with 1 GB RAM.  I do only publish
applications to users and they use both the Citrix Program Neighborhood =
Citrix Nfuse.  Most of the users connect through 64 Kbps leased line.  =
is a new installation with only 15 users.  I am running our old Winnt 4
terminal server w. Citrix Metaframe 1.0 beside this installation but =
is no software connection.  The old server is without any problem.
The problem with the new one is that sometimes when users connect (does =
matter if Nfuse or through the ordinary client) then they do not get =
application window but in the ica connection center shows connection.
Sometimes it is only the default blue screen that appears and it hangs =
until closed, then the users get message regarding the disconnection as =
he is closing a active session.  The administrator is able to send =
from the Citrix Management Console.  When I test this and look at the
session information that is failing then we have only 2 image running,
csrss.exe and winlogon.exe.  If the connection is not failing then I =
have 4
images, csrss.exe, winlogon.exe, wfshell.exe + the application that is
running.  I have managed to have all the users connected at the same =
without failing.  I do not get any errors int he Event viewer other =
"not able to create printer ....."  The same message appears  when the
session is succeeded.
Sometimes if I use the Windows Terminal Services client I  get the =
window and then black or blue terminal window.  The only way to get =
into the server is to reboot the server, after that it may be fine for =
a few
weeks regarding the Wind. terminal Services client but the problem with =
ICA client is happening every day.=20
Does anyone have any clue ?
best regards
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