[THIN] Re: Citrix - Limiting a sessions bandwidth

  • From: Toby <toby.percival@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 20:06:37 +0100

Thanks for the advice Mark. Going to evaluate Packeteer and
Edgesight.....see if they can improve the oversall setup. I am sure they
can, but at what cost


On 9/19/06, Mark CALLEJA <Mark.CALLEJA@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


If you have separate servers for your applications (in particular the
multi media app server) you may be able to create policies to restrict
the amount of bandwidth.  However I personally would stay away from
restricting them to much as the flexibility of the session restrictions
is fairly limited compared to a dedicated WAN device.

I was thinking that several policies could be created and associated to
the particular servers. Thus the resultant policy would determine the
bandwidth allocation.  If the multimedia server has a couple concurrent
users per site then the bandwidth could be the 200k you want, as the
others will be restricted to 40 or so k.  If you are over subscribing
the link then I would suggest you look at increasing the link (if you
can afford it).  Alternatively , educate your users on the issues of
buying bandwidth versus performance etc.

Just a thought

Mark Calleja
A/Manager Infrastructure Services
Dept Housing and Works
(08) 9222 4941

>>> toby.percival@xxxxxxxxx 19/09/2006 15:08 pm >>>
Hi List,

We have a number of branches connecting via a 1mb MPLS link to our
office. There are approximately 10 users on each site. Due to the
nature of
out business (multimedia), we use an application that involves images,
in particular, scrolling up and down, which in turn causes the network
slow down resulting in poor performance.

The application that consumes the majority of the bandwidth is not used
everyone all the time. With this in mind, I set a 200k bandwidth limit
all sessions within each site. I originally started with 40k and worked
to what I believe to be workable limit.

I have come up with two options, but neither seem to be right;

Option 1.

Limit 10 users to 100k per session. If this is done and only 5 users
use the
100k, and the other 5 only 50k each, we are wasting 250k.

Option 2.

Limit 10 users to 200k per session. If this is done and the first five
use 200k, the other 5 users will have little to no bandwidth.

Option 3.

Any ideas?

Any help appriciated.

Kind regards
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