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Unless you use something like robocopy to just replicate changes and not the
entire file set.

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If you replicate that over a wan link (depending on number of user and
changes of course) this could be painful on the bandwidth side, no?


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Use Microsoft DFS with AD Sites and set the sites to include the local IP
segments, sessions within the site will be directed to the local DFS replica
based on the IP address of the Citrix server and fail-over to the remote DFS
replica only if the local is not available.




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I have a scenario which I'd love comments on as someone on the list must
have similar infrastructure. Windows 2000 AD, all in one domain, mostly
Citrix XPe FR2.

Say we have two Citrix servers, one in London and one in New York. I work in
London and my terminal server home directory in AD is set to a share in
London. I want to access apps in both London and New York. But when I access
an app in New York my TS home directory points to London and the performance
of the app sucks, especially if the app uses the TS home dir for ini files,

What is the experience of other admins out there? The example above is
compounded by servers and users being in other locations throughout the
world, Houston, Algeria, Kuala Lumpur, etc. and all users may need to access
any or all servers.



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