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  • Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 18:57:09 -0600

MessageI did get it to accept the path as \\%profloc%\%username%, but it would 
not substitute the value of the variable at logon.  It tried to map to a server 
named %profloc%.

I played around a bit more and was able to change the AD object with net user 
/homedir, but that's not what you want either.

I believe your best bet would be to set a %hdloc% variable (switched HD = 
homedrive, as opposed to prof=profile) to server\share:

Then use the following in the logon script:

;map the X: drive to local file server
net use x: /delete
net use X: \\%hdloc%\%username$%
;set the environment variable to local file server for programs that use this 
set homeshare \\%hdloc%\%username%

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  We cannot add variables to the Connect X: field in an AD user account,  it 
comes up with "not a valid network shared directory name".

  Does it work for you?


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    Have you tried setting the variable to server\share (note the lack of 
double wacks at the beginning) and then it as Connect X: \\%profloc%\%username% 

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      This is what we are looking at now. We haven't been able to get this to 
work quite right. I guess you are adding the %PROFLOC%\%USERNAME% variables to 
the upper box (the Local Path) in the Terminal Servers Profile Path tab (since 
AD won't let you put the environment variable in the lower field, Connect X: to 
\\yada\yada). This means that the %HOMEPATH% variable should set to whatever is 
in the Local Path, right? This doesn't work for us. How would users see the new 
TS home dir?

      Where are we going wrong?



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        2003 makes this a non issue but does the same basic thing I am about to 
show you (only at a GPO level)

        Set a system ENV variable on each (requires a reboot)


        PROFLOC is short for profile location. Lets assume that in each site 
you have a home dir structure that can be accessed like 

        Well  with PROFLOC in London would = \\London server\ London share

        While PROFLOC in NY would = \\NY server\ NY Share

        Now in the user's Terminal Server home dir path setup this   

        Works like a champ.  Now if you want to use a standard home dir you 
still can you just HAVE to set this in TS properties for the user, just ensure 
that in London the PROFLOC ='s the normal path. This will keep it from hitting 
the user at the home dir and having to set PROFLOC on the desktops too.

        Ron Oglesby

        Senior Technical Architect


        Office 312.372.7188

        Mobile 815.325.7618

        email roglesby@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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        I have a scenario which I'd love comments on as someone on the list 
must have similar infrastructure. Windows 2000 AD, all in one domain, mostly 
Citrix XPe FR2.

        Say we have two Citrix servers, one in London and one in New York. I 
work in London and my terminal server home directory in AD is set to a share in 
London. I want to access apps in both London and New York. But when I access an 
app in New York my TS home directory points to London and the performance of 
the app sucks, especially if the app uses the TS home dir for ini files, etc.

        What is the experience of other admins out there? The example above is 
compounded by servers and users being in other locations throughout the world, 
Houston, Algeria, Kuala Lumpur, etc. and all users may need to access any or 
all servers.



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