[THIN] Re: Citrix DOS and MPS 3.0

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  • Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 09:13:40 -0500

I have found numerious issues with the older 4.x clients and MPS 3.0 on
W2k3.  With the R02 patch I found that those clients would cause the server
to BSOD.  Patch 003 for R02 should address that issue.
Apparently, Citrix does not officially support the DOS client anymore, so
it's a "use it at your own risk" type of thing.


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I think I have found something.... 

I have several DOS Citrix client (4.3.XXX).  They conect to applications
fine on Xpe FR3/SP3, with necessary patches.  They seem to connect to MPS
3.0 (no patches), they even seem to connect to MPS 3.0 with the rollup
package 1 on it.  It seems that once I put the MPS 3.0 rollup package 2 onto
the server, DOS clients can no longer connect to Citrix applications.

Anyone else heard of/seen this? 

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