[THIN] Re: Citirx Drives

  • From: "Jim Kenzig http://thethin.net" <jimkenz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 09:35:58 -0500

Add the following to one of your policy templates or create a text file
from it and call it drives.adm... there is a spreadsheet on thethin.net
http://thethin.net/hidedrive.xls <http://thethin.net/hidedrive.xls>
that will help you figure out the numbers to use.
Jim Kenzig
http://thethin.net <http://thethin.net> 
 CATEGORY !!Restrictions
  POLICY !!HideDrives
  ; This policy is will show only specified drives
  ; on the client machine.  The registry key that this policy
  ; effects uses a decimal number which corresponds to a 26 bit
  ; binary string, with each bit representing a drive letter:
  ; 11111111111111111111111111
  ; The above configuration corresponds to 67108863d and will
  ; hide all drives.  If you wanted to hide the C: drive you would make 
  ; the 3rd lowest bit a 0 and then convert the binary string to
  ; Note: it is not necessary to create an option to show all drives
  ; because clearing the check box will delete the "NoDrives" entry
  ; entirely, and therefore, all drives will be automatically shown.
  ; If you want to configure this policy to show a different combination
  ; of drives, simply create the desired binary string, convert to
  ; and add a new entry to the ITEMLIST.
  KEYNAME Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer
   PART !!HideDrivesOptions DROPDOWNLIST
   VALUENAME "NoDrives"  
    Name !!HideDrives_all VALUE NUMERIC 67108863
    NAME !!HideDrives_C VALUE NUMERIC 67108859 ; (67108863 - 4)
    NAME !!HideDrives_U VALUE NUMERIC 66060287 
    NAME !!HideDrives_CU VALUE NUMERIC 66060283
    NAME !!HideDrives_COU VALUE NUMERIC 66043899
    NAME !!HideDrives_W VALUE NUMERIC 62914559  ;added by me
    NAME !!HideDrives_WC VALUE NUMERIC 62914555  ;added by me
   PART !!DriveRestrictions_Tip1 TEXT END PART
   PART !!DriveRestrictions_Tip2 TEXT END PART
   ; This policy conflicts with the shell\restrictions\hide drives
   ; policy.  This is mentioned here to alert administrators.
;The following would go under strings at the bottom of the file
HideDrives="Show only selected drives"
HideDrivesOptions="Choose Drives that will be shown:"
HideDrives_all="Don't show any drives"
HideDrives_C="Only C:"
HideDrives_U="Only U:"
HideDrives_W="Only W:"
HideDrives_WC="Show ONLY W: and C:"
HideDrives_CU="Both C: and U:"
HideDrives_COU="Both C: O: and U:"
DriveRestrictions_Tip1="NOTE: This policy conflits with the
Shell\Restrictions\Hide Drives"
DriveRestrictions_Tip2="policy defined in common.adm"

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When I log on as a user, and run tweak ui, the option to hide the drives
is no longer displayed.
Any ideas?

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Did you log on as a user (not admin) and then set tweak ui to do what
you want?

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Subject: [THIN] Re: Citirx Drives

I installed the tweak ui version 2.1 and when I remove the drives it
only occurs for the administrator account that a log in. All other users
that log on still see the drive.
Any ideas?

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