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WTSLocation is used to update location specific information when a user logs on 
or reconnects to disconnected session.  Frontend and Backend printing is 
updated based on the printer information in the WTSLocation database for the 
machine name that the user is logged in to.
There is also similar functionality for location based lists in PowerChart.

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Thanks for you feedback. Can you tell me more about WTSLocation and why it's 





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We run Cerner on a farm of just over 200 servers (Win2K and PS3) for just over 
4000 concurrent users. We also have Password Manager 2.5 deployed for about 
1500 users (selective enrollment).

WTSLocation is a requirement for a successful implementation from a printing 
and location list aspect.

I would be happy to share more via conference call if you would like


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Hi all,

I'm a newbie to this list, so bear with me if not asking or presenting the 
right information.

We are a large health organization in Western Canada (BC), and currently have a 
Metaframe XPe farm that is hosting around twenty clinical, financial, and 
business productivity apps.

We are about to undertake a large clinical information systems overhaul, using 
Cerner's Millenium software and have procured additional hardware and licensing 
for this purpose (details of new and existing farms below). The clinical 
applications that Cerner is providing will be in addition to existing clinical 
applications currently published.

We will most likely build a separate farm for this install. It remains to be 
seen whether we use existing build architecture/process (ie. XPe on Win2K), or 
build from the ground up with Pres Server 4 + Win2K3.

We are also very interested in the potential of implementing Password Manager 
into the Cerner environment, to ease the burden on the clinicians, as well as 
to automate enforcement of security policy, etc.

I'm very interested in hearing any comments you might have re: similar type 
implementations or installations, including any directions, "gotchas" , 
glitches, must-haves, etc.

Cerner is strongly recommending the use of a product called WTSLocation, which 
they claim will aid in directing printing and user profile directory 
management. Any comments on this product and its need?

Existing Farm
Metaframe XPe SP3/FR3
Windows 2000 SP3 (I know, I know...testing migration to 2000 SP4 or 2003 now!)
12 HP ProLiant DL360 G2/G3s
350 Concurrent User Licenses
            (Peaks at 250 users currently)

New Farm
Metaframe version to be decided
Windows 2003
13 HP ProLiant DL360 G4s
300 Concurrent User Licenses
            (Future expansions to 1000+ are planned)

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

James Uhrich
Senior Technical Analyst
Information Systems & Technologies
Northern Health Authority

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