[THIN] Re: Cannot install .NET Framework

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  • Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 16:28:45 +0100

Rather than WU  - try it from the msdn site..


The SDK version is slammer unfriendly.. so if you install this then the
patch for it follows.... just incase the link is broken search for ..

MSDE 2000 Update for .NET Framework SDK (Addresses Slammer Virus)


Have you got latest service packs installed ? what version of IE ??..

Best of Luck !

Dave Boatman=20

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Hi all,
I need help. I have an application that need .NET FRAMEWORK. Everytime I try
to install it through Windows Update, the installation "bombs" after 1% of
Can anyone give me some insights or tips.

ThanX in advance.

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