[THIN] Re: Cached Profiles

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  • Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2007 10:10:20 -0500

Check the permissions on the profiles directory. Could be as simple as
NTFS preventing the system from removing the profile after users log
off.  We have delprof scheduled to run on our app servers in addition to


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A few notes:

               UPHClean is up to version 1.6d.  I would suggest using
the latest version.

               Set the Delete Roaming Cache via GPOs.

               When you open the non-deleted cached profile,  is there
only two directories (like Internet Explorer and Cache) or is the whole
profile there?

               Do the event logs errors show which files are locked?

               Right-click on My Computer, properties, Advanced, User
profiles.  What shows as the Type and Status for these profiles?




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I recently created a couple new servers using a Ghost Image from one of
my production servers.  The source of the image is running 2000 SP4
running UPHClean v 1.5 and has the DeleteRoamingCache reg key set to 1
in HKLM.  I use roaming profiles and they are stored on a central file

What I am seeing on my newly imaged servers is that UPH service is
running, the reg key is enabled, yet I am see locally cached copies of
roaming profiles in the documents and settings folder in the system, yet
I also show the remaining profiles updating as well of the file server.
I see some 1000 errors in Event Viewer but no where near the quantity of
cached profiles on the local (10 errors in event viewer, but  had 120
cached profiles) 

The cached copies of the roaming profiles on the Citrix server are in
the <userID>.<domain>.### format.

Can anyone suggest what is causing the cached copies?  Thanks!


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