[THIN] Re: CSG Failed Decryption Error

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  • Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2003 15:44:59 -0500

Doing some troubleshooting I have found that if I copy any file over 1
megabyte from a client mapped drive to the server, the session will
disconnect.  I verified this on several different clients on my LAN.
The one place where I don't have a problem, is if I use my slower DSL
connection at home.  I have also found that if I do a Windows map drive
operation and copy the same file from the mapped drive to the server,
that I do not have a problem.

I have found a couple people who say that they have the same problem,
but no one has a solution.  The closest thing to a solution was someone
mentioned that this is a Microsoft TCP/IP stack problem.  Unfortunately
that is all the detail that was provided. =20

Can other people who use CSG copy files over 1 megabyte in size from a
client mapped drive to their server?


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Do you have the CSG 1.1a patch installed?


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