[THIN] Re: CPU utilization mgt (doesn't seem to make any difference)

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  • Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 17:39:55 +0100

or threadmaster - which is free.


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Make sure the service is running.


Other than that, you could download ArmTech and use the Eval to give you
some additional statistics/reports.  Also, the full product will allow you
to tweak/fine-tune settings.  Yes,  the CPU mgmt of PS 4 is essentially
Armtech version 2, but the latest version of ArmTech is vastly improved.


Also, you could look into AppSense which will let you cap CPU utilization.









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Subject: [THIN] CPU utilization mgt (doesn't seem to make any difference)


I recently had to enable a CPU-intensive application on several servers
(Macromedia Fireworks, the poor-man's Photoshop).  I have CPU utilization
management enabled at the farm level (check box checked on farm properties -
Mem/CPU util. mgt - Enable CPU util. mgt) and on the servers (server
properties - Mem/CPU util. mgt. - "use farm settings" for both mem and cpu).
However,  it is trivial for a [single] user to cause the entire server to
grind to a halt, precisely what I thought CPU util. mgt. mitigated. 

My understanding of CPU util. mgt. is that it allows users full run of the
CPU until the CPU is taxed at which point it caps everyone's potential cpu
use so everyone gets a fair shake.  I could understand the slowness if a
bunch of people are doing something cpu intensive but a single user can
effectively render the entire server unusable. 

I know it's just the one app and I can work around it but was wondering if
there are any thoughts on why it's not working (or why my impression is

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