[THIN] Re: At the Microsoft MVP Summint -Any more suggestions for future of TS

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64 bit version of page defrag would be nice ( not quite TS but very useful)
Quite agree about UPHClean. 2 is still beta and a new final version is approx 6 
months away.

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  Thought of a few more:

  Build a resilient print subsystem (reign in those third party drivers)

  Fix roaming profiles once and for all.  To take a page from for JRR Tolkien's 
book:  "One profile to rule them all"

  Quit playing games with Windows 2008 and UPHClean 2.0.   Windows 2008 isn't 
even out and organization can benefit from UPHClean 2.0 over 1.6d.  (Yes 2.0 is 
out there but it's labeled "beta").  Find a way to make UPHClean 2.0 production 


  Oh and find "The Scripting Guys" and slap them silly for me as well.  


  Or better yet, go find the Vista team and slap them all over the place and 
then tell them XP works better.


  But, if you come across Mark Russinovich (or Bryce Cogswell) give him a big 
hug.  But not too big,  I don't want him to get the wrong idea.  Then politely 
ask him if he could update newsid.exe (not remove the System Event Tracker 
error that pops up after a reboot) because, well, Sysprep still sucks.




  Boy, I'm in a bitter mode today.




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  Hi Guys,
  I am in Seattle for the Microsoft MVP summit today and the MVP's will be 
meeting with the Terminal Server team on Wednesday and Thursday to discuss the 
future of TS.  We have a good list to present to them but I thought I would 
throw this out there today and this was posted as a question by Ruben out on 
Brians site but for those of you who would like to add anything feel free to 
make your voices heard here and now. 

  Jim Kenzig 
  Microsoft MVP - Terminal Services
  Citrix Technology Professional
  CEO The Kenzig Group
  Blog: http://www.techblink.com 

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