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Only thing we typically connect to them are either a Serial or parallel
printer on some.  I know to be sure to get a few with parallel for that

Interesting thought Jim.  I had not thought about the disk space issue, as
that is the issue we have on our current Despros, lack of disk for ptaches
and such, so we rebuild as DOS. 

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We use and sell the Neoware Capio product.  We have had great results with
the NeoLinux based verions.  Very straight forward units and very
inexpensive.  The big question in used a XP or XPE based unit is what
devices are you going to attach to them,  ie.  Palm Pilots, Web Cams, and
USB scanners.  Things like that require an XP or XPE operating system to get
them attached and useable by the software.


----------------------Original message------------------- I finally have
management looking seriously at replacing some of our Deskpro 2000/4000's
with thin clients.

Mentality up until recently was to spend a few bucks more and get a full PC.

Big thing I am wondering about is patching of the thin clients.  IE, OS,
etc.  Some machines we have rebuilt as DOS clients, which allows us to avoid
such client side patching.  No Virus Scan, no M$ patches, etc.

I see Linux thins, I see XP SP2 thins, I see CE thins....., Windows based
clients have IE6, now, I would assume that things like XP, IE, even CE would
still need patching.  If so, does the use of the management software make
this more feasible?

Forgive my ignorance on this issue.

Chad M. Schneider
Technology Analyst
Bemis Company, Inc.
"Just because you can, does not mean that you should."

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