[THIN] Re: Applying TsProfilePath via TSCMD with Variables

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  • Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 12:35:13 -0500

Perhaps I am missing the boat on this and feel free to tell me if I am....but...

If you are setting the profile path for a list of users, you probably already 
know the path to the profile directory, and then the only thing that changes is 
the username, correct?

I use this (somewhat modified for security reasons) line in my setup script:

\\PROFILESERVERNAMEHERE\users\termserv\newuser\tscmd %server% %newusername% 

(note this probably wraps, but it really is all on one line)

Where %server% is set to the PDC for the NT4 Domain of the new user being 
created (we have more than one domain)
and %newusername% is set to the username of the account being modified.

So, perhaps, you could create a text file with a list of usernames, say name it 

Then you would use a simple FOR /F  loop to make the change to each users 
profile...for example:

FOR /F "eol=;" %%l in (C:\USERS.TXT) DO 
\\PROFILESERVERNAMEHERE\users\termserv\newuser\tscmd MYPDC %%l 
TerminalServerProfilePath \\PROFILESERVERNAMEHERE\users\termserv\Profiles\%%l

(again, the above line will probably wrap)

Hope this helps.

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Like a lot of other people on this list, I'm looking for a way also for a
long time
There is no simple way of doing this.
We tried to change the schema so that when copying a user the tsprofile
paths would be inherited like the profile paths do.
This didn't work unfortunatly....

So I stand beside you in your quest for the holy script.


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Verzonden: maandag 12 mei 2003 15:33
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Onderwerp: [THIN] Applying TsProfilePath via TSCMD with Variables

I have a list of userids for which I would like to change their 
TerminalServerProfilePath to all be:

TSCMD doesn't seem to like the variables.  Is there anyway that I can do 

(Sorry, but I'm not much of a scripting expert.)

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