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At the moment, I am guessing that a number of the applications in the farm are going to get moved to different hardware as we rebuild, but I figure if I can get 25 users on a P3 1 Gig, then I should be pretty safe getting say 40 users on a P4 Xeon 2.8 Gig. (Obviously providing that the Disk and Mem allow for it)

Yes, its more a question of server scaling, and server capacity more than what is the end user experience. I know that I can look at the counters such as CPU queue legnth and look at the disk activity and make sure that the server isn't overloaded, but the question is, is there specific software that people use? Or is there certain counters that people use for looking at what an application is doing?


Quoting "Timothy R. Mangan" <tmangan@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:


It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  Are you trying to
determine server scale (can I add more users or do I need another server),
determine impact of a given application on the server, or try to determine
the "end user experience" using that application?

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Hi all,

Just wondering what you use for application benchmarking...

I am thinking I just need to look at the CPU Queue length and % CPU time per
process and gain some insight that way...

I can get memory figures by looking at mem usage figures from the RMSummary
DB and then dividing by the avg session time and then session count for the

Otherwise, what are you looking at for counters etc in a large farm?


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