[THIN] Re: Anyone on the list using JAWS on Citrix?

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  • Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 21:23:43 +0100

Anyone on the list using JAWS on Citrix?Brian,

Ive not used this particular application but have recently gone through a 
lengthy testing process with various Win32 ICA clients and a few bespoke 
applications (Strangely ICA 6 & 7 clients had less issues but we cant use those 

1. Have you tried older ICA clients for comparison purposes ?

2. Have you tried the 9.1 ICA client (this fixed some of our issues).
http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX107650 for the fixes that have been 

3. Have you looked at the ICA client ini file reference guide.
It might be worth a poke round some of the values.

4. You dont have a key mapping conflict (with the ICA client do you) ?

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  Subject: [THIN] Anyone on the list using JAWS on Citrix?

  JAWS is a screen reading program for limited-sight or blind users. We are in 
process of testing a JAWS 7.0 deployment via Windows 2000 Terminal Server.  
Everything is working as advertised when using the RDP protocol/client, 
however, we are getting intermittent performance while using the full 9.0 
Citrix client.  Some items will be read by JAWS, and others won't, particularly 
while in Outlook.  If a message is opened in a new window, JAWS will read the 
message, however, if you are using the arrow key to browse messages in the 
inbox, JAWS does not read the subject lines via the Citrix client.  The 
behavior was the same when using JAWS 6.1 on both the client and  server 
machine.  I feel it is related to a problem with the 9.0 Citrix client.  I just 
wanted to see if anyone has experienced the same issue.



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