[THIN] Re: Anyone having problems with MS09-058 ?

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No posts for quite a while ....
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  Hello there,

  Has anyone else having issues with BSODs after deploying MS09-058 ?
  We started seeing issues with (busy) 32 bit and 64bit servers around a week 
after reboot and when we do a full virus scan in the early hours.

  After analysing the dump files I pinpointed the file Ntkrnlmp.exe as being 
the most likely cause.
  Lo and behold MS have released a fix http://support.microsoft.com/kb/978243/
  Ive just started testing the fix to see if it a) addresses the issue and b) 
creates any new issues.
  I hope this helps someone else in the same boat.


  PS .. what patch management systems are people using ?

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