[THIN] Re: Another saga with my Nfuse problem

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No time setting that I have ever heard of.

I don't want to ask for too much security information about your network,
but it might help in this case.   Just to determine where the problem might
be since it doesn't really seem to be at the client itself.  Seems more like
a proxy server not setting to me...but I'm not sure.

Is this a laptop that travels from work to home?  Does it work in the office
but not out of the office?  Are there connection differences in proxy
settings?  Is it really always in the same location and it's just a matter
of the time being different?

I'm running out of ideas.  :-/

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I have automatically selected too! Gotta be something I'm overlooking.
Allow logins during specific times somewhere for Nfuse.
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