[THIN] Re: Allow user to reset own connections + log

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  • Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009 22:16:22 -0700

Do you have session reliability enabled?




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We have intermittent issues on our Windows 2003 Presentation Server 4 farm
where users are disconnected from the Citrix farm for "unknown" reasons.
When this occurs, the user calls the HelpDesk and the HelpDesk resets the
connection and off they go.  They often wait 30 minutes for the HelpDesk to
answer for such a simple task.

What I would like is for the users to be able to reset their ICA session via
Citrix Connection Centre.  What I would like though is a log of
disconnects/resets so I dont loose visibility of issues in farm.  I believe
Printing is the cause of the disconnects as this is usually the last task
performed before they have issues.  I will be installing Tricerat Simplified
Printing within the next few months which will "hopefully" resolve this
issue.  Im just looking for ways of reducing HelpDesk calls in the interim.

Is there a way to log all disconnect/resets?



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