[THIN] Access 97 running on W2K TS - MF FR2

  • From: "Tom Flanagan" <Tom.flanagan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'Thin (E-mail)" <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2003 15:35:46 +0800

Is anybody running Access97 apps on this platform.  W2K TS - Citrix MF FR2.   
We rebuilt our systems from NT4.0 TSE to W2K sp3.  Clean rebuilds. We run about 
5 different access 97 databases.  The DBs were developed in-house using 
unconventional database design techniques.  There could be 20 users running 
Access at any one time on a server and this would grind to a halt.    Hardware 
on the servers is (Dual Pentium 1Ghz) [2GB ram] {4gig pagefile} on seperate 
disc. Plenty of diskspace
In the end I have reverted back to the NT4.0 build.  
Is this an access 97 / W2K thing. I have found some comments that suggest 
Microsoft know about this problem but are just ignoring it. Is anybody running 
this app effectively or have any of you had performance issues here.
Tom Flanagan
IT Network Administrator
Kailis & France Foods
Ph: +61 8 9273 6281
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email: tom.flanagan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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