[THIN] Re: AD tool?

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  • Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 09:20:09 +1000

Brian, do all of your AD users have a standard name format ?

bclaus as the account name ?

If so then TSCMD (sysinternals ) is really basic and you can input a 
users.txt file with all the users you want to change.

Something like this

:::: Termainal Server Home path :::

for /f "delims=:" %%i in (users.txt) do tscmd domaincontroller "%%i" 
TerminalServerProfilePath \\servername\share 


Check out the readme file inside tscmd.zip as I used the profile path in 
my example but you might be looking for TerminalServerHomeDir or one of 
the others.
you might be able to use my exmaple as a guide.

I have no scripting abilities at all but I found tscmd very helpful.

Dominic Lennon
Cement Australia 
( 07 ) 3335 3299

"Claus, Brian" <BClaus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
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Please respond to


[THIN] Re: AD tool?

Well, the Home Directory for all usersâwant to ensure they are all set to 
Profile path for most

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just to clarify are u trying to change the profile path for all users ??

"Claus, Brian" <BClaus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Looking for a Win2k AD tool that will allow me to change the Terminal 
Services Profile tab on a mass scale for all users.  Anyone have a 

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