[THIN] A question about Server Sizing....

  • From: "Steve Rance" <steve.rance@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 09:45:59 +0100

I have taken ownership of a Citrix Server as follows:

Compaq ML530
2 x Xeon 1Ghz Processors
2Gb Memory
Hardware Raid

Windows 2000 Server
30 users using Metaframe XPs (mostly though thin-clients, but some PC's)
55 users with File Sharing (40Gb)
55 users using Print Sharing (17 printers)

Applications: Microsoft Office 2000, Microsoft Photo Editor, Volo View =
(AutoCad File Viewer), Internet Explorer, Winzip, Acrobat Reader 5.

All users are very heavy users of Word, Excel and email. =20

What I am currently doing is removing DNS, WINS, File and Print sharing =
off the Citrix Server onto a dedicated server.  I am then rebuilding the =
Citrix server with Feature Release 2 and having all the 55 users on =
Citrix using all the applications above.  I will also be adding a new MS =
Access front-end, SQL back-end database application (SQL on a different =
server) have all users will run.

What my question basically is, with the above information, do you think =
that the 1 Compaq ML530 is up to supporting 55 users?  Any hardware =
upgrades you would recommend?

Also, at the moment users only connect via ICA direct to the server.  =
Any thoughts on using Published Applications, and/or publishing the =
desktop (are there any advantages of having users connect via a =
published desktop to a single server rather than direct to the server?). =
 My thoughts are to have thin-clients connect to the published desktop, =
and for the PC users to have seamless published applications.

I would be grateful for any experience or feedback from you guys.


Steve Rance

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