[THIN] 2nd try: Secure Gateway and WI. Sessions drops out randomly. Help needed.

  • From: Jonny Tobiassen <jonny.tobiassen@xxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 15:11:09 +0100

First! English is my second language.

I have a very strange problem with Citrix Secure Gateway.
Setup datails:
PS4.0 running on Microsoft Server 2003.
Secure Gateway v.3.0.1 and Web Interface 4.0 running on same server (also
LAN is protected from public network with Cisco PIX 515.
Applications are published through web interface.

Everything seems to work fine. I can connect to WI from public network, log
on, and start applications.

The problem is connection drops out randomly, and I need help to find out
this problem.
Secure Gateway Diagnostics runs whitour errors.

When connection drops out, Client sees this message...
Network or dial-up problems are preventing communication with the Citrix
MetaFrame server.
If the problem persists, please contact your network administrator.
Number of failed reconnection attempts: 8
Connection name: Wordpad
Server address:   [Q: Why is server address ???]
Client name: WI_i51jt1S8xISyNYvsV

...the following event errors are from SG/WI server.

Time: 13:38:58
Source: Secure Gateway
Event ID: 271
Request STA STA0294584394B1 to resolve ticket for client IP x.x.x.x.

[Q: Why does ticketing need to suddenly resolve another ticket???]

Time: 13:38:58
Source: Secure Gateway
Event ID: 235
Service received error: invalid-ticket from STA STA0294584394B1, client IP
x.x.x.x connection dropped.

Time: 13:38:58
Source: Secure Gateway
Event ID: 190
Socks Session [3] failed ticket check. Client IP [x.x.x.x].

best regards,
Jonny Tobiassen

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