[TheNoir] Noir Log 041127--The Routine

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The matter of the replicators was  really quite simple although Vanir wished 
it had been more involved, something  that would prevent him from attending 
the meeting.  He didn't mind meeting new people but  the encounter with Bella 
had thrown him off his keel.  Even though they'd come to some sort of  a truce, 
he still felt like an idiot, like he should have handled things  differently. 
"What is the time, Ethera?" he  asked, his head still under the console. 
Ethera's aquamarine eyes narrowed  as she looked at the chronometer.  Numbers 
she knew and how to read time was one of the first things Mr.  Wagner taught 
her.  "19:30," she  reported proudly. 
Vanir offered her a smile as he  slid out from under the console.  He  
tickled the girl under her chin as he confirmed her reply.  "Very good.  You're 
smart girl, liebchen.  Now, there is some time before I must go  to the meeting 
with Captain Nicks and the others.  You don't go to that so I am taking you  
back to the cabin." 
"Are you going to read to me  before you go?" she asked. 
Aquamarine eyes stared hopefully  up into Vanir's yellow ones.  "You  would 
like that?" 
Ethera's head nodded  quickly.  "I want to see if that  wizard comes back to 
visit that little man who lives under a hill." 
"Then by all means, let's go,  liebchen," Vanir said, grinning as he took her 
He read to her for half an hour  then stood up.  "Listen very  carefully, 
Ethera.  I am going to  workout for a while before the meeting.  Please, do not 
leave here without asking for my permission,  verstehen?" 
Ethera didn't try pouting.  It didn't work with him.  Instead she gave him 
another hopeful  look.  "Do I have to do any more  lessons tonight?" 
"Only if you want to," he replied  with mock severity.  He tried not to  
laugh.  She was turning into a  regular kid very quickly. 
"Can you say hello to Bella for  me?" Ethera added. 
"For you?  Yes, of course," Vanir said as he kissed  the top of her head.  
"See you  later, liebchen." 
Upon his initial inspection of  the ship for Captain Nicks, Vanir was very 
happy to find a fully equipped  gymnasium.  Somebody had even  installed aerial 
acrobatic equipment.  He changed into shorts and a tank top.  As he climbed up 
the pole to the top of  the platform, it wasn't a particularly bright idea to 
even attempt his usual  routine without a spotter but he had no fear.  He'd 
been performing like this  practically since he learned to walk. 
An observer would have seen him  leap from the platform to grab the trapeze 
that hung twenty feet away then,  after a handstand on the still moving bar, 
leap forward to the next one in a  somersault.  It was the routine of a  
professional, with lightning fast moves, performed with the reflexes of a  
athlete.  His finale, one  hour later, saw him tumbling through the air from 
platform to the floor  twenty feet below, landing as gracefully as an eagle 
in its aerie. 
He knew the workout would lift  his mood.  He recalled all the  effort, as 
well as all the fun, that went into learning the routine.  A shower afterwards 
completed the  ritual, even if it was a sonic one and not real water.   
Even as he redressed in a pair of  loose fitting jeans and a dark red 
sweater, he recalled another pleasant memory  attached to the workout.  His 
Magni, who often functioned as his spotter, would rib him about wearing such  
loose fitting clothing, asking 'Why do  you wear clothes like that, man?  
You're not built bad and girls like looking.'  Last but not least, he slipped 
thin  gold chain with its crucifix over his head.  It was a gift from Magni, 
given as a  gift for his last birthday, even if Magni didn't share his faith. 
The mess was empty when he  arrived so Vanir had his pick of seats.  He chose 
one as far in the shadows as possible.  Sliding his feet onto the table, he  
pulled a PADD, deciding to read until somebody else showed up. 

Vanir Erik Wagner
The best and safest thing is to keep a balance  in your life, acknowledge the 
great powers around us and in us. If you can do  that, and live that way, you 
are really a wise man.— Euripides

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