[thebigjewel] You're a Coyote! - September 3, 2008

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, the literary site that's in a little league of
its own. And now that we've brought up the ugly subject of little league,
we can introduce you to Tyler Smith's blistering exposé:

You're a Coyote!

By Tyler Smith

All right, kids -- it gives me great pleasure as your head coach to
welcome you to what I feel will be the best team in all of West Union
Little League...The Coyotes!

First off, don't give me any grief, Coyotes. I'm doing a service to the
community -- "community service" as some would have me call it -- and
though I wasn't anticipating having to put in 15 hours a week coaching
this squad, I also didn't anticipate that my little card game in the
garage would get me indicted for "keeping a gambling place." Again...

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