[thebigjewel] Your Money Or Your Wife - October 26, 2005

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where the only scream is the silent scream of
the pumpkin, slaughtered, gutted and set ablaze from the inside for our
Halloween amusement. This week Helmut Reinhardt gives us a cozy little
tale of murder, forgery and insurance fraud:

"Your Money Or Your Wife"

By Helmut Reinhardt

I don't regret what happened. As they say, everyone does it -- I just got
caught. It was about a month ago. I was watching an old Fred MacMurray
film on Turner Classic Movies called Double Indemnity. It's about an
insurance man who falls for a dame in a big way. They murder her husband
to collect on his policy, but an insurance investigator smells a rotten
egg that leads him straight to their little love nest. Do you like yours
fried or scrambled?...

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