[thebigjewel] W's Puzzle No. 43 - January 29, 2003

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* This week, in honor of President Bush's big State of the Union address 
and the hilarious upcoming three-second war with Iraq, we present the first 
contribution from David Martin. His delightful crossword puzzle will give 
you hours of amusement even if (like a certain Commander-in-Chief) you are 
unable to solve it. Incidentally, if Mr. Martin doesn't seem to show the 
proper respect for the president, that's because he's from Canada, which -- 
as Mr. Bush has often warned us -- is full of Canadamenians.

W's Puzzle No. 43
By David Martin

[ This week's article is some text, fitted between two pictures. Rather 
than attach a portion of the text, without the corresponding pictures, we 
thought we'd just post the link: http://www.thebigjewel.com/crossword/ ]

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