[thebigjewel] Windy Pines Christmas Tree Farm - November 30, 2005

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where Christmas comes but once a year...for two
solid months. If you haven't purchased the family tree yet, may we suggest
one of our favorite local establishments? Read on:

"From the Desk of Windy Pines Christmas Tree Farm"

By Raleigh Drennon

Dear Windy Pines customer,

Happy holidays! Everyone at Windy Pines Christmas Tree Farm is looking
forward to a great season. Right off the bat, let me say this: we are 100
percent committed to correcting the minor yet nagging problems that you
may have experienced with us in the past. So come get your tree! The
burrowing carpet mite infestation has been, to a significant degree,
controlled. And by the time you read this, so has the feral cat situation.
(We're setting the traps tonight!) As for the blister beetles, well, some
things you just have to live with. How they got here from South America,
I'll never know!...

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