[thebigjewel] Why I Like Illegal Aliens - May 10, 2006

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we favor unconditional amnesty for all
humor writers who are in this country illegally but doing the low-paying
humor writing jobs that more affluent Americans won't touch. Our old
friend Michael Fowler is back this week with his thoughts on the
immigration crisis that has gripped and secretly delighted the
commentators on all the cable news channels:

Why I Like Illegal Aliens

By Michael Fowler

It isn't just that illegal aliens will do jobs Americans won't do. But of
course they will. They will pick fruit, wash cars, wait tables, perform
colonoscopies, design computers and test weapons systems, sometimes for
hours on end in the brutal heat of a hospital examination room or the
hurtling, pressurized cockpit of a jet fighter. You and I couldn't do
that, my friend. Don't even say you could. But illegals also read the
books Americans won't read: Orwell's "1984," Locke's "Second Treatise of
Government," Beckett's "Trilogy," even the works of snarky French
postmodern novelist Robert Pinget...

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