[thebigjewel] Who's On First, But Why? - April 16, 2008

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And now welcome to The Big Jewel, where old time radio is now time radio
to us. For those wondering whatever became of those old time radio
stalwarts Abbott and Costello, perhaps the answer lies in fictitious and
malicious reviews like the one below, penned by Dirk Voetberg in his first
piece for us:

Who's On First, But Why?

By Dirk Voetberg

A review of The Colgate Toothpaste Abbott and Costello Comedy Radio Hour
Village Voice, February 16, 1938

Last night, anyone tuning into the National Broadcasting Company's Colgate
Toothpaste Abbott and Costello Comedy Hour definitely heard something new
and, according to the reaction of the studio audience, very funny. But
does funny by itself satisfy the mission of comedy? For the benefit of
those who think it does: okay, let's first ask, do Abbott and Costello
even get funny right? Sure, it can't be denied that the duo's formula
works: friendships between thin and fat men founded on insults,
Schadenfreude, and physical abuse are objectively hilarious. But Laurel
and Hardy have a greater difference in weight between them than Abbott and

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