[thebigjewel] Where's The Punchline? - August 21, 2002

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Where's The Punchline?
By Neil Pasricha

Three guys are sitting in a bar when a gorgeous blonde wearing a short red 
dress walks through the door. All of the guys immediately start arguing 
about whether they should approach her, and who should be the one who gets 
to talk with her at the bar. They begin debating over who saw her first and 
then hold an arm-wrestling competition to decide who should be the lucky 
one that gets to talk to her. 

Where's The Punch Line? 
None of these men actually have a chance with this woman! 


A man walks into a bar and orders a gin and tonic. "What would you like?" 
asks the bartender. The man repeats that he would like a gin and tonic, and 
then sits back to wait for the drink. The bartender just stares at him for 
a minute while the man fidgets nervously. Then the bartender puts his towel 
on the bar and leans up close to the man and says, "Listen partner, are you 
going to order something or just sit there all day?" Finally, realizing 
that the bartender is probably deaf, the man writes his order down on a 
piece of paper, at which point the bartender offers a big smile and gets 
the drink ready. 

Where's The Punch Line? 
The bartender wasn't deaf. He was just screwing around. 

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