[thebigjewel] When Worlds Run Into Each Other - September 29, 2004

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The Big Jewel invites you to the fifth and final week of "May Contain
Nuts" month, celebrating the new humor anthology from HarperCollins. Our
guest this week is Mark O'Donnell. Mark has often been called a
"humorist's humorist," but only by people who are trying to make him mad.
The truth is he's just a funny, funny guy who writes very original novels
(like "Getting Over Homer") and Broadway hits (like the book for
"Hairspray"). And now this:

"When Worlds Run Into Each Other"

by Mark O'Donnell

(Outer space. Two planets meet by accident and hail each other.)
ONE: Hey, whoa, how are you!
TWO: Hi! I must be way out of orbit, running into you! Look at you!
ONE: Hey, you look great! What is it, trillions?...

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