[thebigjewel] What Was What, What Wasn't - March 23, 2005

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In honor of Holy Week, The Big Jewel brings you the sleeve jacket blurb
from a collection of stories more exciting than anything that has happened
since Jesus rolled away the stone:

"Inside Blurb For The Forthcoming Short Story Collection What Was What,
What Wasn't By Jonas Ribb, Acclaimed Master Of The Form"

by James Warner

"What Was What, What Wasn't" by Jonas Ribb contains thirteen startling
stories that bear witness to the lives of Americans in our time. In
"Indecision," a tale that reflects Ribb's profound understanding of
contemporary reality, an adulterous chiropodist realizes that the
Midwestern college town in which he has lived all his life is in fact made
out of marzipan...

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