[thebigjewel] Water Buffalo Outsourcing - April 26, 2006

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we are always trying to secretly outsource
the laughs to the Third World. We can think of no one better than Eric
Feezell to show how outsourcing has impacted the average American family.
Eric used to be employed at The Big Jewel until we found that a basement
full of Indian teenagers could do his job better at a fraction of the
cost. Not that his piece has anything to do with that:

Water Buffalo Outsourcing

By Eric Feezell

DAD: Great mashed potatoes, honey.
MOM: Thanks, dear. Kids, have you gotten enough?
< Phone rings >
DAD: Damn it! Who in the sam-hell is calling during dinner again?!
MOM: Let it ring, dear. It's just another one of those telemarketers.
DAD: No way. I'm going to tell these bozos I've had it once and for all!
< Picks up receiver >
DAD: Hello?

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