[thebigjewel] Tsk of the D'Urbervilles - January 22, 2003

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Tsk Of The D'Urbervilles
By Kurt Luchs

In the bright, grassy Midlands of England rises the slightly fictional 
county of Wesson -- a dark ink spot of tragedy among the happily blank 
pages that surround it. The air is heavier there, oppressive with the sense 
of eternal sadness and inescapable gloom. The sun does not shine on Wesson, 
for it has been banned by municipal decree. Neither flowers nor any other 
living things will bloom there, and the plowmen who homeward plod their 
weary way raise only Druidic stones from their cursed ash-gray fields. 
These stones their bony wives bake into a rough black bread very good for 
the soul but very bad for the teeth. Even this hard fare is thought too 
kingly by some of the sterner natives, who would rather suck an ice cube 
than eat a pagan meal. The inhabitants of Wesson know it is no use. They 
have given up. 

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