[thebigjewel] Tom and Katie Exchange Vows - November 22, 2006

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where our E-Meters always read "clear." And
speaking of the accoutrements of Scientology, we consider it a public
service to present the details of TomKat's marriage ceremony this past
weekend for those two or three of our readers who didn't happen to be

"Tom and Katie Exchange Vows"

By Jay Dyckman

I, Tom, take thee Katie, in the presence of our friends and family,
including that couple standing in for your parents, and the almighty Xenu,
to be my friend, my lover, the mother of my children and my wife.

I vow to love you so much, like a love that's just, wow, serious love.
Yeah! Like a climb on top of this altar, back-flip kind of love!...

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