[thebigjewel] Tom Cruise's Answering Machine - July 6, 2005

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Normally at The Big Jewel we pride ourselves on studiously avoiding the
topical and the pop cultural. But this week is an exception, and the
reason is that exceptional superstar Tom Cruise:

"Tom Cruise's Answering Machine"

by Matt Blair

"Well, 'ello, Tom! Bryan Brown calling. Listen, mate, I heard your
career's takin' a bit of a nose dive, what with all this Scientology
hullabaloo you've been on about. I just wanted to say that if you ever
need to talk, or if you need some advice on slipping away into a cold,
lonely life of obscurity, then I'm your man. You can call whenever, mate.
These days I spend a lot of time puttering around the house. So, um?Yeah,
just give me a call. Oh, and I don't know if this is a good time, but I
really think the time is right for Cocktail 2. Fancy a go of it?"...

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