[thebigjewel] To My Pal On Vacation - November 13, 2002

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To My Pal On Vacation
By Neil Pasricha

To all the gang back at A&T Concrete, 

What's up!!! Panama is amazing!!! Cindy and I went swimming today and I 
saw this amazing fish. You guys should come here on your next vacation!!! 
Wish you were here!!! 



Dear Frank, 

It's Al. Thank you for your postcard. Me and the guys back at the plant 
read it this morning during our smoke break. Eddie grabbed it from the 
mail room, and he read it aloud while we all puffed casually on our 
cigarettes outside in the cold. A few guys made wisecracks about girls in 
bikinis, and a couple others just coughed and dug holes in the ground with 
their boot heels. Hal decided right there to get that elective stomach 
surgery he'd been thinking about. Basically, your message touched us all 
Frank, if in different ways. Thank you so much for writing. 

I wasn't sure if you were looking for replies from us, Frank, but your 
message hit hard with me especially and I thought it was only fair to send 
you a note back. Work has been dragging me down lately, and I've been 
giving more thought to whatever years I may have left in this aging body 
of mine. Being the oldest guy here isn't always so easy. In fact, 
sometimes, think it's pretty dang hard. Frank, my friend, I really need to 
talk. Can you spare a few minutes to listen? 

It's late, but I don't care if I sleep in tomorrow morning and get to work 
at lunch time. For me, Frank, business at A&D Concrete has become too 
rhythmic, too expected, and sometimes, just too much. The band on the 5-DW 
mixer snapped last week, my friend, and with it snapped the window of 
complacency through which I've been viewing my dull, lifeless existence. 

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