[thebigjewel] Things Dead People Can Do - January 31, 2007

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we believe death is not the end, but only
the beginning...of a whole lot more death. But first, we think, some dead
people may take a little while to realize what has happened. And Michael
Fowler has them dead to rights:

Things Dead People Can Do

By Michael Fowler

As determined by a forensic medical examiner, golfer Ted Mintzer was
struck on the head and killed instantly by a golf ball on the fifth green
at Burrowing Owl Golf Course in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, but went on
lining up his putt. He three-putted for a bogey, not bad for a stiff.
After that he caught fire, playing the best round of his life, though
dead. When friends in the clubhouse told him he'd set a new course record,
the now still golfer got as excited as a block of clay...

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