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The Big Jewel continues in a vaguely historical vein with a look at an
early sea voyage, as seen through the brandy-soaked logbook of the ship's
captain, who seems to have done a good deal more than four years before
the mast:

"The Wretched Soul"

by Ernst Albrecht

(The following is a selection from the logbook of the Wretched Soul, an
accursed ship driven to its doom by the likes of Captain Jack, a mad
Cornish sailor and adventurer extraordinaire, quite possibly the greatest
unsung hero of the high seas.) Liverpoole, Saturday 7 Aprill 1693 -- The
sun arose at six o'clock. A good sign. The ship be loaded and the sea is
calm. Ah, my nostrils heave to the scent of the spray. I sent out the
quartermaster early this morn to drum up some "fresh meat." By Jove! He
comes back within the hour rolling a barrelful of bold Irish apes suitable
for framing...

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