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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where all the world's a stage, and all the men
and women merely puppets in our demented little puppet play. Actually,
this week's offering is not a puppet play, but an absurdist drama that
could be the love child of Alfred "Pere Ubu" Jarry and Ring Lardner. If
so, it's a love child whose first word was "Dada!":

"The Vulgar Boatman, or: One Potato, Two Potato"

by Kurt Luchs

The following play marks the first appearance in English by the brilliant
young dramatist Basil Dung. Mr. Dung is English, but by a court order
(People of the United States vs. Dung) all of his works to date have been
translated into ancient Egyptian to keep them out of the hands of
children. Since the ban was lifted, Mr. Dung has graciously consented to
translate his most famous play into English again. After seeing it, the
editors are taking up a collection to have it translated back into ancient
Egyptian, where they hope it will remain...

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