[thebigjewel] The Philosopher King Caper - October 27, 2004

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In this highly charged political week, The Big Jewel invites you to
investigate America's strange but lovable electoral process with America's
only truly liberated detective. Also -- in a rare burst of editorial
responsibility -- we encourage you to do your civic duty on November 2 by
voting for the privileged, affluent, corrupt and dishonest white male Yale
graduate of your choice. Ah, democracy! Never has your range of options
been so rich and varied! But on to our story:

The Philosopher King Caper: From the Casebook of Mike Freeman, America's
Only Truly Liberated Detective

by Kurt Luchs

Normally I don't take cases like this. But what's normal about a geek
named John Q. Public who has 1.7 kids, 2.2 cars and is between the ages of
18 and 35?...

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