[thebigjewel] The Next Big Thing: Antisocial Networks - July 15, 2009

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we like to think of July 15 as coming
exactly 11 days after the 4th of July. As it happens our good friend
Murray Brozinsky made his debut here last July, and we find it only
fitting that he should return one year later like a salmon swimming
upstream...against the current of those ubiquitous social networking

The Next Big Thing: Antisocial Networks

By Murray Brozinsky

Abstracts of business plans leaked from Sand Hill Road, the epicenter of
future corporate icons and home to storied venture capital firms named
after tall trees and taller people about whom they tell tall tales:


Facebook for those who recognize the time is nigh to accept the unpleasant
consequences of their actions...

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