[thebigjewel] The Natural History of the Mustache - January 28, 2004

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The Big Jewel invites you to wake up and smell the comedy! This week it's
a big hairy piece of humor from our own copyeditor Ed Page:

The Natural History of the Mustache

by Ed Page

You may not be aware of it -- it didn?t get a lot of press, for some
reason -- but last week marked an important historical anniversary:
exactly one billion years ago last Thursday, the world?s first mustache
crawled up out of the primordial sea onto dry land. Of course, a billion
years ago, there were no paparazzi on the shore with popping flashbulbs;
no one set off any fireworks to mark the occasion; there were no
tickertape parades. Yet the significance of that event was astronomical,
for it would forever change the face of mankind...

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