[thebigjewel] The Kurgan Tries Speed Dating - August 9, 2006

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where "Highlander" ranks right up there with
"Top Gun" as one of the great bad movies of all time. But just because
you're bad doesn't mean you don't need romance, which is why the Kurgan is
looking for love in all the quick places. Check out Mike
Richardson-Bryan's look at speed dating for one of the most memorable
movie villains of the eighties:

"The Kurgan Tries Speed Dating"

By Mike Richardson-Bryan

Setting: an upscale bar.

Date #1

Jan: Hi, I'm Jan.

Kurgan: I am the Kurgan. I am the strongest. You will always be weaker
than I.

Jan: Can you believe we're doing this? It seems so tacky, doesn't it? But
it's so hard to meet people these days.

Kurgan: I meet lots of people once.

Jan: I know what you mean. We rush, rush, rush through our lives, and as
soon as we meet someone, they're gone, gone, gone. There's no time to get
to know anyone anymore...

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