[thebigjewel] The Kafka Convention - September 3, 2003

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In his most famous story "The Metamorphosis," Franz Kafka became a giant
bug. But he would be even more bugged if he could see what The Big Jewel
did to him this week:

The Kafka Convention

by Kurt Luchs

"What do you mean you can?t find my briefcase?" K.?s voice rose harshly
above the general clatter and muttering at the airport?s baggage claim
area. It was not the first time he had asked that question that morning.
Once more, with diminishing patience, the official-looking young clerk
gave his explanation.

"Sir, I?ve told you all I know. We have no record of your briefcase ever
being on board this or any other flight. We show no luggage for you at
all. In fact, to be perfectly honest, I don?t even find you on the seating

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