[thebigjewel] The IMF Good-As-Gold Card - June 26, 2002

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The IMF Good-As-Gold Card - June 26, 2002
By Kurt Luchs

Dear Third World Dictator or Corrupt, Impotent Figurehead of a Failed 

Not everyone deserves the IMF Good-As-Gold Card. It's designed especially 
for nations that know how to make other people responsible for their 
debts. Nations that know spending other people's money is always spending 
wisely. Nations with a timely, regular record of complete nonpayment. It's 
these special nations, like your own, that deserve to be pre-approved and 
pay less for the card that never stops giving. 

Our rate is the lowest in the known universe: a negative 6.9% APR. That's 
right -- simply by acquiring our card you will start earning money, 
because any outstanding loans will decrease at the rate of 6.9% a year 
until Bono manages to convince everyone they should be wiped off the 
books. And you can be certain that this rate will never change, regardless 
of changes in the Prime Rate, the global market, or the structure of 
reality itself. 

Your credit line is limited only by Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and 
by your ability to add a string of zeros to the right of a "1" (if you 
haven't yet mastered this essential skill of international finance, our 
trained advisors will be only too glad to show you how). 

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