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* How's your week going? Ours is going swell. Kick back and relax with this 
warm, toasty holiday tale by Ernst Albrecht. And after that check out the 
latest movie trailer reviews at http://www.thetrailertrash.com by Big Jewel 
contributer J. Pinkerton.

The Hotel
By Ernst Albrecht

I checked in just after sunset. I wasn't feeling well but that was normal. 
An old man behind the desk handed me the keys to room 314 and went into a 
coughing fit as I headed for the stairs. They creaked all the way up to the 
third floor and stopped. I passed a fat bimbo in the hallway. She wore a 
baby blue circus tent and fuzzy golden slippers. She had a bewildered look 
on her face, as if she couldn't find her way back to the room filled with 
straw. Under one arm she carried a funny-looking dog. Who knows, maybe it 
was a goat. It kept licking at her arm as if the arm was a large stick of 
butter. I could tell they were made for each other. 

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