[thebigjewel] The Greatest Story Ever Sold - December 22, 2004

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We continue our holiday celebration at The Big Jewel with a most unusual
premise. Bear with us while we "blue sky" here for a moment -- what if
someone in Hollywood were to get the urge to make a movie about Jesus? No,
someone BESIDES Mel or Marty. What would the notes from the producer look
like? Well, there's no need to wonder any more:

"The Greatest Story Ever Sold"

by Justin Warner

Dear Mark: Just looked over your treatment for "The Gospel of Jesus
Christ, Son of God" (needs a new title; we'll talk later). I think Bob and
Gordon are close to greenlighting this one; it's got action, it's got
drama, it's original ("what if God had a son?" -- brilliant!), and the
ending practically guarantees a strong buzz...

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