[thebigjewel] The Gloom Stays in the Picture - February 18, 2009

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where it's always art house movie night. This
week, our good friend Mitch Hyman returns with a tribute to the late great
Ingmar Bergman, as told in the style of the not late and not so great
Robert Evans, author of the embarrassingly autobiographical "The Kid Stays
in the Picture":

The Gloom Stays in the Picture
(From The Blockbuster Tell-All Memoir Of Sweden's Movie King)

By Mitch Hyman

"Quiet on the set!"

It was Alf F. Sjöberg, head-honcho both at M.G.M. (Malmö-Göteberg-Morose)
and Inhibited Artists, laying down the law on the sound-stage of his big
1950 Christmas release, "It's A Miserable Life."

I was just a kid then, with high hopes and stars in my eyes -- lucky
enough to have landed the role of "The Dancing Kleptomaniac" via the
influence of my latest leading-lady and bed-mate, a buxom redhead called
Anna Olsen. (Never heard of her? She later made quite a name for herself
-- first in Hollywood as Ann-Margaret, then in Japan as the baseball
slugging-sensation, Sadaharu Oh.)...

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